Twelve Days of Clothmas Day 10: Clothing and Cloth diapers

rainbow scales bum
This Smart Bottoms diaper is BEAUTIFUL. When the weather is nice who cares about pants?

“How do I find clothes that will fit over cloth? It’s so fluffy!”

I hear this a lot, people buy clothing that is true to their child’s age and/or size and find that it is too small to cover their cloth diapered bum. There are very trim cloth options out there that are NEARLY as trim as a disposable, but they aren’t generally cheap, and for overnight use cloth is generally pretty fluffy. In this post i’ll go through a few of the tricks we use for clothing and some of our favorite brands that are compatible with the fluff!

Onsies are genreally loathed in the cloth diaper community, but sometimes you find a super cute one and just can’t resist!

Onsies aren’t great for cloth.

If you have an abundance of onsies from over-zealous friends and family, or you started clothing later in your child’s life and already had tons of them– there are absolutely ways to make them work.

Basically–especially in diapers made from microfiber, they cause compression leaks. They squeeze on the diaper and cause liquid to come back out. Even in natural fiber diapers the onsie’s leg holes can roll into the diaper and cause liquid to wick onto them. To reduce both of these issues there are a couple of solutions. The easiest one is to just only snap the middle snap. If you are using fluffier diapers you might also find that using the next size up from what your child would normally wear will also help. A second and more ‘permanent’ solution is to cut the onsie and turn it into a shirt. Most of them aren’t going to unravel in the wash, and now you’ve got a bunch of cute crop tops for showing off your diapers!


My child is excellent at striking poses for taking diaper shots.

Styles of clothing we LOVE for cloth, in any season!

T-shirts. These will be all you want your kid to wear if you really love the prints on your diapers. My child was born in July in the south, and so she wore nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper for the first 4 months of her life. You can find t-shirts from 0-3 month size and up at Carter’s . Even if they’re a little baggy at first they still fit fine! Our other favorite t-shirt shops are H&M and Target (Specifically the Cat and Jack brand) .

Harem or Jogger style pants. You probably aren’t going to be putting skin tight leggings on your fluffy little girl’s bum. For either sex, looser fitting jogger or harem style pants are great. There are even specialized pants called Maxaloons that many Etsy shops make. Our favorite pants have always been from H&M (link above). They are actually cut for cloth– we’ve also had luck with Cat and Jack brand from Target.

One piece sleepers and sleep sacks. My absolute favorite one piece sleepers are from Primary . Simple, cotton, and tend to fit our actual size without sizing up, even in our fluffy overnight diaper. Sleep sacks are great once your kid is out of swaddling age, and they’re roomy enough for even the fluffiest cloth. My kid wears a sleeper from Primary and a sleeveless muslin sleep sack every night.

Dresses and skirts. Your little girl has an extra option in wearing dresses or skirts. The hardest part is finding one that the bloomer pants aren’t sewn onto permanently. I probably look like the crazy mom at the mall checking all the dresses and skirts for bloomers.

I hope I have inspired you to go buy all the cute clothes for your little one and their fluff butt!

I love this shirt from H&M! It actually came in a 3 pack for a few bucks– very reasonable!

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