It’s greener over here.


The little creature in this photo is who prompted me to start this blog. She has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I was always a bit of a ‘hippy’ growing up–I love nature and always wanted to help every animal I saw. With the arrival of my daughter earlier this year, I felt the immense need to try and do everything in my power to preserve this planet for her and future generations.

So welcome to my ‘moderately crunchy’ mom blog! I hope you enjoy your stay. Some upcoming posts include:

-Cloth diapering (there will be numerous posts on this–it’s a passion of mine)

-Reusable bags (both grocery, storage, and trash)


-Preventing overbuying for your first kid

-Cruelty free products


-My struggle to be a greener eater (I hate cooking!)

-Brand reviews on all sorts of green items

-Making your own baby food

Remember, we only get this one Earth. ♥

Red River Mama


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