12 Days of Clothmas Day One: Not your grandmother’s cloth diapers

Why yes, that is a cloth diaper with castles and dragons on it.

“But why would you want to do that?”

I can’t tell you how many people told me this, or something worse after learning that I wanted to cloth diaper my first child.

Cloth is no longer just rubber pants and pins. There are so many choices in cloth today that I couldn’t possibly explain them all in one post. What I can explain here is how simple it can be, and all the benefits that come with it!

Cloth is simply an extra load of laundry two or three times a week.

It really is that simple. You can even wash your baby’s clothing at the same time, so it’s laundry you would already be doing anyway. With today’s high efficiency  washing machines and a good detergent, you will spend a fraction of the cost you would on disposables. Speaking of disposable diapers…

Credit: The Natural Baby Co.


That’s a mind boggling amount of waste. Even supposed ‘biodegradable’ brands of disposable diapers aren’t the greenest choice unless you are composting them yourself. When things get buried in a landfill they have a hard time biodegrading.

This is a green leaning blog, but I know there are many out there that are more concerned about another type of green.

Cloth can be a fraction of the cost of buying disposable diapers.

The upfront cost of a cloth diaper can be off-putting to many parents. But with cloth you need to think long term savings. The average parent spends $2500 dollars on disposable diapers for one kid. This figure is for a brand like Huggies or Pampers. If you were to pick a more expensive brand like Seventh Generation or Earth’s Best, you can double that cost.

Credit: mamaJO.wordpress.com

With a stash of 30 diapers for one child, you can wash every other day and never buy a single disposable. If you chose a cheap brand of cloth, such as Alva, you can pay as little as $5 for one cloth diaper. That’s less than $100 dollars for all the diapers you will need to get to potty training. You may have to invest in a small stash of newborn-sized diapers at first if you don’t birth particularly large children (9+ lbs). Even that stash can be under $100 dollars depending on the style and brand you choose.


The savings really add up if you plan to have more than one child.

If your first kid potty trains before you need to diaper your next, you can use the same set of diapers you used on your first and pay literally zero dollars for diapers for that child. Even if you end up with two in diapers, children use fewer diapers a day as they get older so you can just add a few more to your stash to cover diapering both children. The savings with cloth can be immense, even with a larger stash. 30 is just a bare minimum for those looking to save the maximum amount. And after you are done having children, most brands of cloth resell well. Buying used is another way to save big. I’ll have an entire post on what to look for with used diapers and how to resell your stash in the future!

With all of that math out of the way, another reason for choosing cloth….

Cloth is super adorable!


When the weather is warm enough, we don’t even bother with pants. 

Cloth isn’t scary or gross! It can be an enjoyable, environmentally conscious, and money saving experience. I hope you’ll stop by for tomorrow’s installment of Clothmas! I’ll be discussing the basic types of cloth that are offered.

Please feel free to ask any questions or share your experiences with cloth in the comments!

-Red River Mama






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